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Seminars are the key towards educating seniors about their health and financial decisions. We are looking for good agents that can help seniors understand their options and what would benefit them the most. At National Senior Seminars, we offer FREE educational seminars and help agents in marketing. We are looking for professional experienced  agents to represent and help with hosting FREE seminars in local areas. This opportunity will help generate leads for the agent along with educated seniors with smart insurance decisions. We can't quaraantee leads but we will do our best in marketing for you. Please contact our contracting team  today to get started and to understand more. Our team will do all the marketing, mailers, and local advertisement to help get the seniors to the seminar. 



If you are an agent and would like to host one or several educational FREE seminars located on the seminar page. Please contact the marketing team to learn more and get started.

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Click here if you are currently a contracted agent and want to see all the FREE seminars that are available in your state and county.


Please ask one of the marketing team reps to learn more about training and what links, online tools, other resources can be helpul to learn more about seminars. 

News Flash Announcement

The months of July, August, and September are extremely busy months for seminars. We need agents to help with hosting, and presenting senior products.  We continue to receive a lot of interest and higher quantities of RSVP's during these months to attend many of our seminars. These seminars have already been setup and are ready to go once the agent completes training and paperwork.  If you are an  agent and have any interest towards learning more about our FREE seminar opportunity's that will help generate leads and grow your book of business please contact us today.



News Flash Announcement

We have some exciting news to share for the months of June/July we have just broke the record of the most seminars being hosted in a month with each seminar at full capacity of RSVPs. 



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