Let Us Know When You Make a Sale!

The 15th of every month at 5pm is the deadline to turn in your sales sheet. Please email the first page of the application every month to to verify business has been placed and to receive credit. Once all apps have been verified and we have the total number of apps by the agent, we will send out the gift cards via US mail.  The gift cards will be sent out on the 1st of the following month to each agent accordingly.

Please call Bret Louden, your marketing manager, if you have any questions at (704) 806-2884. 

WE Take Care of Our Agents 


* Please note, that any outstanding marketing balance will be deducted first, before any incentives are paid out. Also, unless you are the top agent for the month, the max incentive payout is $200 for 5 apps or more per agent, per month.


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